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IFRS 17 Masterclass

Complete Course Outline

Beginner to expert in 40 days.

Core Modules

Introduction to IFRS 17

Lay the foundation by understanding the fundamentals of IFRS 17, essential for understanding insurance accounting.

General Measurement Model Overview

Gain insight into the core principles of the General Measurement Model including Future Cash Flows, Risk Adjustment and Contractual Service Margin.

Accounting under General Measurement Example

Develop proficiency in accounting under the General Measurement Model using illustrations and helpful examples

Onerous Contracts under the General Measurement Model

Navigate complexities of onerous groups and loss component with a detailed examination of onerous groups accounting within the GMM framework.

Presentation in Financial Statements

Learn how to present the effect of insurance contract liabilities in Income Statement and Balance Sheet

Understanding Premium Allocation Approach

Dive into the intricacies of the premium allocation approach and its eligibility for groups of insurance contracts.

The learning experience includes a wealth of illustrative examples, multiple choice questions and exercises. 

Join us in mastering these key modules, empowering yourself with the knowledge and skills to excel in the dynamic world of finance. Enroll today to embark on your journey towards professional growth and expertise!

Advanced Modules

Non-Insurance Components

Understand what are non-insurance components in insurance contracts and when and how they have to be separated and accounted for under a different standard.

Variable Fee Approach

Understand the concept of Direct Participation Features, the accounting treatment under Variable fee Approach and its implications on financial statements.

Reinsurance Contracts Held 

Understand the differences between the treatment of insurance contracts issued vs reinsurance contracts held.

Transition Approaches

Gain proficiency in transition approaches under IFRS 17, understanding the transition guidance provided by the standard.

 Advanced modules will be released on weekly basis

Bonus Modules

IFRS 9 for Insurance Companies

Understand the interaction between IFRS 9 and IFRS 17 in the financial statements of Insurance Companies.

 IFRS 17 Excel Template

Navigate the intricacies on the General Measurement model with our excel model designed to illustrate the effects of IFRS 17 in the Financial Statements.

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Imad Uddin, FRM

Imad Uddin has a passion for simplifying IFRS and developing a strong conceptual understanding. He has a substantial following, with over 15,000 subscribers to his IFRS newsletter and more than 10,000 followers on LinkedIn.

Imad leads Financial Accounting Advisory Services of a reputable firm in Dubai.


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